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【予選1st 第11ブロックB】OTONOVA2023 - overview of the performers.

【予選1st 第11ブロックB】OTONOVA2023

開催日: 2022/11/25

【予選1st 第11ブロックB】OTONOVA2023  - overview of the performers.

I am very happy that Mudia exists and supports artists of all kinds. I am happy that there are events organised like Otonova2023 in in which I am participating for the first time.

As someone for whom life would be empty without music, I'm very excited about the Otonova2023 event and I'm looking at all the performers taking part.

I have looked through the musical work of all the participants in this block and I can say that it is a very diverse group, which makes me very happy because it will be an interesting duel.

I am very curious to see how this block will turn out, where we have four amazing personalities such as:

1. 三浦優作

Yusaku is an eighteen-year-old young performer with the life motto "Music closest to you". She is a very sensitive and open-minded person who was once saved by music from the bottom of her life and who wants to connect with people with similar experiences. Yusaku is aware of his imperfections and openly says that he is a beginner in songwriting. I recommend visiting his Tik-Tok account (@miurayusaku) or his Youtube account (@miura_yusaku), where we can explore Yusaku's original work such as the song "物笑い" which has a very interesting sound and comes with imagery from the anime. I really like Yusaku's combination of two worlds - music and anime (manga). Yusaku has a very interesting tone of voice. Also noteworthy is the fact that he can also play the guitar and sensationally combines both, that is, singing with playing the guitar at the same time. We can see a sample of his skills, for example, in his original song "再会の旗" with the image for the well-known anime Neon Genesis Evangelion.

2 Arrow Heart

Arrow Heart is a three-member rock idol band from Fukushima (黒姫ねむ @nemu_ah0312, 小豆るこ @r__a0107, 白虎なの @nano_ah0927) that has been active since 2015. The team is primarily active in Tohoku and Kanto, mainly in Fukushima Prefecture. Arrow Heart are three interesting women with strong vocals who also dance while singing. On their channel (@BRAINHIRO) on Youtube, we can see their entire live performances from various concert halls. Below is also their recently released song 'Arrow Heart', which came out on 04.10.2022.

Arrow Heart




泥だらけで迷路の中進んでた 揺らぐ事のない真実求めて





立ち止まらず走り抜けた 今日だから例え闇が迫ろうと恐くない


自分自身裏切れない 夢に生きてく






I chose this one because its title coincides with the band's name, and I also liked its sound. It definitely sounds the best live.

Arrow Heart also hosts broadcasts on the streaming platform Showroom every Tuesday at 8pm. I recommend it to those who would like to get to know this band better.

3. 奈々

Nana is a young performer who started her musical activity in September 2017. She is a singer, songwriter and can also play the guitar very well. On her Youtube channel (@nana_momiji), we can get to know her work and listen to both her original songs and numerous covers. Nana has a very delicate and interesting tone of voice, which she combines in a beautiful way with her simultaneous guitar playing.

4. NaNoMoRaL

NaNoMoral is a very interesting female/male duo consisting of vocalist Mirai Amamiya and manipulator/vocalist Parsley Kajiwara and formed in 2018. It gave a performance at Shinjuku Motion in March 2019 and then at Shibuya in November 2019, both of which were successfully received by the assembled audience. They give dozens of live performances each year. In 2022, the band won the Grand Prix in the 'Go To STARDOM 2' competition and decided to make their major debut.

The words spit out like 'breath' by Mirai Amamiya, who sings with a smile on her face, are full of realism. It is worth visiting their Youtube channel (@nanomoral651), where we can get a closer look at their work.  Below is an excerpt from their song "『 唖然呆然 』", which if you hear it sung by Mirai-san will hit you directly.

『 唖然呆然 』

"だって 明後日 浮かべた魔法が


もっと 腐って 並べた言葉が


嫌になったっていいや 救いようなくてもいいや

所詮 僕の見たワンダーランド

いつだって 分かったふりして


きっと 僕はところかまわず 質問を続けるだろう

こんがらがってもいいや どうせ二度目などない


現実だっていいや もうなんだっていいや"

Among this diverse foursome, it is hard to choose a favourite, as each represents a different kind of music, different life stories, different skills. I'm rooting for all four of them and I'm already looking forward to seeing how they will do in the qualifiers for Otonova2023.

I ask everyone to give it their all.


ஜ Shiori ஜ

2022/11/24 04:34