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【予選1st 第12ブロックB】OTONOVA2023 - overview of the performers.

【予選1st 第12ブロックB】OTONOVA2023

開催日: 2022/11/25

【予選1st 第12ブロックB】OTONOVA2023  - overview of the performers.

I am very happy that Mudia exists and supports artists of all kinds. I am happy that there are events organised like Otonova2023 in in which I am participating for the first time.

As someone for whom life would be empty without music, I'm very excited about the Otonova2023 event and I'm looking at all the performers taking part.

I have looked through the musical work of all the participants in this block and I can say that it is a very diverse group, which makes me very happy because it will be an interesting duel.

I am very curious to see how this block will turn out, where we have four amazing personalities such as:

1 Re:Ze.

Re:Ze is an amazing acoustic band formed in 2016, consisting of singer/keyboardist akicö and guitaristしぎ~. This young, ambitious duo is not afraid of any challenges and performs music from different genres like western music, Japanese music, songs from anime etc. All songs are covered with a light bossa nova style acoustic arrangement, whether they are new or old. The comfortable vocals and sharp rhythmic guitar playing are very appealing. It should be emphasised that Shiga's superb guitar playing brings out the power in Akicö's voice even more. In 2021, they finally started producing their own songs. On 26 March 2022, the premiere of their first album 'Li: Fe'. The duo mainly performs at live bars, live houses, restaurants and cafes in Kanagawa Prefecture. It is worth visiting their Youtube channel (@reze.9680) to learn more about their work. This is a female-male duo very well in sync with each other and worthy of attention.

2. Masayuki Matsumoto

Masayuki Matsumoto is a young performer whose aim is to create masterpieces with heart. He plays original songs and favourite melodies by artists he respects and admires such as Mr. Children, Osamu Tezuka and Yutaka Ozaki. Masayuki also regularly hosts the Growin' radio programme on stand fm. His Tik-Tok account (@masayukigrowinfactory) and Youtube channel (@masayukimatsumoto) are well worth a visit for his original work; numerous guitar and vocal covers or vocal covers. 

Masayuki on 29.10.2022 released his original track "Garasudama" , the lyrics of which are presented below.


近頃 眠れやしない夜が続いている毎日です

たまに眠った夜はvery badな夢で



自分自身に負けやしねぇ そうさ




Oh My life もう後悔はしたくない








Oh My Heart もう全てをはきだせ



Oh My life もう後悔はしたくない

I really like this type of music, where someone takes an acoustic guitar and takes me somewhere with their voice. It is a good song.

3. sei-twosides

Sei is a young performer who started a music channel (@seioriginalmusic2488) on YouTube to share her original music with the world. As well as being a vocalist and songwriter, Sei is also a guitarist and uses a Gibson LesPaul guitar to create his work. Sei respects and rearranges well-known songs by artists such as Tomoyasu Hotei; B'Z, Nuno Bettencort, Sheena Ringo, hide, among others. His main hobbies include muscle training (Sei is currently undergoing a physical transformation) and watching foreign dramas such as Walking Dead, Sweet Home, The Handmaid's Tale, Prison Break or Lost.                  Sei creates music in a variety of sounds with a predominance of rock, rock ballads and funk. Inspired by the American TV series Walking Dead, he wrote a rock ballad with the theme Walking Dead S7-1. Through this song, Sei tried to represent the love of the main characters. Below I present its lyrics so you can get a better feel for it.

"僕の声届いてますか この手いつも君を探しているから

君が何処で泣いていても 必ず見つけるから 

あの日2人だけの夜 ただ抱きしめたくて

そっと僕は近づいて Ah 君は笑ったね 

臆病な僕の肩口に そっと乗せる君の笑顔

愛してるただそれだけで こんなに強くなるなんて 

僕の声届いてますか この手いつも君を探しているから

君が何処かで泣いてたら 必ず見つけるから 

永遠を祈る言葉さえ こんなに脆く壊れるなんて

愛してるただそれだけじゃ 君を守れないなら 

僕の声聞こえてますか あの日の2人に戻れないけど

君の強さに変われるなら 怖くはないよ 

僕の声届いてますか いつまでも君を愛してるから

君の笑顔見る為に 必ず見つけるから".

4. 春夏秋冬彩歌

Ayaka, who has adopted the nickname associated with the seasons "Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter" to characterise her way of singing, is a young performer who, after seeing a live artist's performance in Budokan, wanted to become a singer, a dream she has had since childhood. Ayaka's tone of voice and the way she sings changes from song to song. Ayaka firmly believes that as a singer who passionately appreciates every sound and the way it is conveyed, she is also the narrator of a song. With music that only she can express, Ayaka hopes that it can be a cure or a supplement for anyone who listens to even a little bit of it. A video of her performance is available on the Mudia website. Ayaka really knows how to handle her voice well and is worthy of attention.

Among this diverse foursome, it is hard to choose a favourite, as each represents a different kind of music, different life stories, different skills. I'm rooting for all four of them and I'm already looking forward to seeing how they will do in the qualifiers for Otonova2023.

I ask everyone to give it their all.


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