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【予選1st 第16ブロックA】OTONOVA2023 - Participation Report

【予選1st 第16ブロックA】OTONOVA2023

開催日: 2022/11/18

【予選1st 第16ブロックA】OTONOVA2023 - Participation Report

I am very happy that Mudia exists and supports artists of all kinds. I am glad that events such as Otonova2023 are organised, which I am participating in for the first time.

As someone for whom life would be empty without music, I am even more excited about the Otonova2023 event and looking forward to all the performers taking part.

The course of the first qualification of this block 16 A was very interesting and exciting, as we were able to witness the confrontation of participants representing different musical genres and artistic achievements. It was also noticeable that the criteria for choosing to support a particular performer varied widely: admiration for their work, familiarity with a particular performer, following the majority of people.

Congratulations to all the performers taking part in Otonova2023 for their excellent participation! It was a really exciting duel, which in this group resulted in the following outcome:

1. Yuu

Congratulations to Yuu for winning first place 🥇 in this qualifying group and advancing to the next stage. Please continue to give your best 💪 .

Yuu worked as a Child model from an early age. Then in elementary and middle school, he was active as a member of a małe vocal group performing at events in musicals, concerts, etc. After that, he was a member of the vocal and acoustic duo Daisuke & Yuu in Kiusiu, performing in commercial venues, social venues, festivals of all kinds, etc. He then moved to Kagoshima Prefecture with the desire to expand in a new place and follow his own personality. He heeded the words of a friend "attend a show audition in Kagoshima Prefecture" and as a finalist, he started his career in Kagoshima. Since April 2017 year, he started as singer songwriter Yuu with the motto of being honest with his feelings. He gives numerous performances at live restaurants and events at commercial venues. He is also active as a beauty ambassador, model and actor. He then released his first solo single "素直になれたら" in December 2020 year, also releasing an MV and CD at the same time. Last year he released his first mini-album "Anemone" containing four tracks. On his Youtube channel (@yuji19910911) and Tik- Tok account (@yuu_record), we can get a glimpse of his entire oeuvre, including original songs, numerous rearranged songs by well-known artists such as Utada Hikaru, Shinee. Recordings of live performances are also available there, and his achievements as a model are also available on Tik-Tok. He is a very interesting young artist.

I am very curious to see how his future will turn out in the Otonova2023 competition.

2 春夏 

In second place with 4170 points was the band 春夏。🥈 Congratulations on advancing to the next stage! Please continue to give it your all 💪 .

春夏 is a Young artist born in 1996 year in Fukuoka Prefecture who has been singing and dancing since she was borm. She danced for 8 years from the age of nine to seventeen, but when she was seventeen years old, she wanted to pick up a guitar and walk around town with it, so she quit dancing and started playing the guitar and singing. When she turned twenty years old, she wanted a lot of people to listen to his original songs, so she started performing live, playing guitar and piano. When she was young, songs by artists such as Billy Joel, Bruce Springsteen and Wham were playing in her house. She enjoys listening to western music. Her roots are in musicals, and when she was in primary school she saw the film Dream Girls, which inspired her to take up music as a career. She also enjoys performing on stage as an actor. It is worth visiting her Tik-Tok account (@5656haruka) and her Youtube channel (@haruka6933), where we can enjoy her numerous recordings of live vocal and acoustic performances and covers of well-known songs. It is noteworthy that harmonises her singing with her guitar playing in a beautiful way.

3. EMPTY DRUG X Say hi kids

Third place along with 1141 points went to EMPTY DRUG X Say hi kids, 🥉 who is a collaboration between Epty Drug which is a four-piece band from Sendai city in Miyagi prefecture and Say hi kids a hip-hop band from Sendai City in Miyagi prefecture. The banďs vocalist Yusuke has a very strong, interesting voice. It is worth visiting their Youtube channel (@emptydrug-officialchannel-75) where we can check out their first EP '怒号" containing five tracks, including the song Mayday, for which a live MV is available on the channel. This is a very interesting band.

4. Fanny Hill

By the decision of the audience, fourth place with 5 points went to Fanny Hill. Formed in 2019, Fanny Hill is a four-members band creating music incorporating sounds from ska punk, post-punk and new wave. How they refers to herself is an enjoyable and exciting Lollipop band  with headquarters and main activities in Tokyo. It is noteworthy that the banďs vocalist Asei lwamoto is aIso a guitarist and brilliantly combines both. The other members of the band are: Kosuke Kikutani (Guitarist), Dorji (Bassist), Atsushi Tada (Drummer, who joined the band in 2022). With their slogan "Play, youth! " they want to create music that energises people. It is worth visiting their Youtube channel and checking out their EP Don't, which consists of four original songs. In my opinion they have a bit of rock & roll and I don't know why I thought of The Beatless when listening to Do you Remember. Their Youtube channel is worth a visit, as the band released their second MV 'Sea Bass Fishing' this November, which introduces us to a worl d of playful punk. Among the performers of Otonova2023, they were probably the only group offering such sounds. To better illustrate their work, below are the lyrics of their original song 'Sea Bas Fishing'.  

Sea Bas Fishing









sea bas fishing now スイスイ


フーチークーチーyeah yeah

sea bas fishing nowスイスイ












Everyone in this group proved to be very strong and intriguing, from which it was difficult to choose two performers who . I'm rooting for the winners Yuu and 春夏, and I can't wait to see how they will fare in the Otonova2023 competition.



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