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無観客 マスクドん

Radio Star Audition vol.4 【FINAL】

開催日: 2021/11/27

Congratulations to Maskdon for advancing the file!  !!  !!  !!

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 He made his debut at All Japan Wrestling in 1981, and after working as a top wrestler for the group, he launched Pro Wrestling Noah in 2000.
 He has served as CEO of All Japan Pro Wrestling and Pro Wrestling Noah, and led the organization as a player-coach president.

 Born June 18, 1962 in Yubari, Hokkaido.  His father worked for Hokkaido Colliery & Steamship Co., Ltd., but soon after Misawa was born, the Yubari Coal Mine was almost closed, so his family moved to Koshigaya City, Saitama Prefecture.  Therefore, Misawa has no memory of Hokkaido.  Misawa's mother liked the word "tree" and intended to name it "Hideki", but he was named "Mitsuharu" because his father filed a birth certificate with "Mitsuharu" without permission.
 Misawa has been big since he was a kid, but he has good motor skills since then, and in elementary school he won the long jump tournament held by Koshigaya City.  However, Misawa says that he was often alone at home since he was in kindergarten, and although he had tried to join a boys' baseball team in the neighborhood, he couldn't get along with his friends and said, "Unexpectedly introverted. I was a child. "  When I was in elementary school, Misawa wanted to be a boxer.
 When he entered junior high school, he joined the gymnastics club .  When he was in the second grade, Misawa became a professional wrestler when he saw the all-Japan professional wrestling broadcast on TV and realized that "it is absolutely more interesting to do it than to watch it."  Misawa intended to become a professional wrestler immediately after graduating from junior high school, but was persuaded by his teacher and mother to go to a high school with strong wrestling and learn the basics, and the wrestling club in Saitama Prefecture Since there was only Saitama Sakae High School, he entered Ashikaga University High School, which had been controlling inter-high school for two consecutive years at that time, as a scholarship student and joined the wrestling club of the school.  Misawa spent three years in high school in a school dormitory, spending days devoting himself to hard practice.  Misawa played an active part in the practice game held about one month after entering the school, winning against the second graders of other schools and winning the national polity (freestyle 87 kg class) in the third year, but for Misawa wrestling. Was just a way to become a professional wrestler and never liked the competition itself.
 In addition, Misawa once escaped from the dormitory when he was in his second year of high school, visited the office of All Japan Wrestling, and volunteered for an introduction.  At this time, Jumbo Tsuruta advised him to come after graduating from high school, and he gave up.

 After graduating from high school, he joined All Japan Wrestling on March 27, 1981.  He made his debut on August 21st of the same year at the parking lot in front of the main gate of Urawa Racecourse against Shiro Koshinaka.  His debut five months after his introduction was the fastest in the history of All Japan Wrestling.  In 1983, he participated in the Lou Thesz Cup competition league match and advanced to the final, and although he lost to Echinaka and did not win the championship, Lou Thesz, who served as a special referee for this match, said, "Young people I saw in Japan. Isn't it the best bout of a player's match? "  According to Tarzan Goto, who joined Misawa a year ago, Misawa quickly became passive and reached the same level as himself in a blink of an eye. According to Hiromichi Fuyuki, Misawa was a genius type from that time, "(Misawa). He said that he was able to immediately do what someone said, "Try that," and said that he was an ideal wrestler who could make the movements he had imagined in his head.  Giant Baba is said to have learned that Misawa was passive just by hearing the passive sound in practice.
 Originally, in All Japan Pro Wrestling, large wrestlers such as Giant Baba, Jumbo Tsuruta, Kim Duk, Genichiro Tenryu, Rocky Hata, Kazuo Sakurada tended to be emphasized, but with the support of Akio Sato who was instructing young wrestlers, he became a prominent figure. Will be revealed.  By the way, the monthly salary of all-Japan professional wrestling trainees at that time was 50,000 yen, but only Misawa received a special 70,000 yen.

 In the spring of 1984, Misawa set out on an expedition to Mexico with Etchu.  At the site, Etchu played in the match with the ring name of "Samurai Shiro" and Misawa with the ring name of "Kamikaze Misawa", but one day after a few months, Misawa made an international call from Baba to the "corner post". I was asked if I could jump in, and when I answered that I could jump in, I was ordered to return to Japan immediately.  After returning to Japan, Misawa is ordered by Baba to become the second generation Tiger Mask.  Misawa felt reluctant to be treated as a second brew by fans of his first Tiger Mask (Satoru Sayama), but the debut match was already scheduled as the second Tiger Mask.
 On August 26, the same year, he made his debut as the second generation Tiger Mask in the match against La Fiera at the Denen Coliseum.  Initially active on the junior heavyweight front, he defeated Kuniaki Kobayashi on August 31, 1985 to win the NWA International Junior Heavyweight Championship, but in October of the same year he switched to the heavyweight division.  In 1986, he traveled to the United States and participated in the tag team tournament "Crockett Cup" held by Jim Crockett Promotions of NWA at the Superdome in New Orleans, Louisiana on April 19 in collaboration with Giant Baba. , Defeated Jimmy Garvin & Black Bart in the second round of seed appearances, but lost to Ron Garvin & Magnum TA in the quarterfinals.  On April 20th, he participated in AWA's "WrestleRock 86" at the Metrodome in Minneapolis, Minnesota, winning from AWA World Light Heavyweight Champion Buck Zumhofe.  On January 2, 1988, at Korakuen Hall, he challenged the AWA World Heavyweight Championship held by Curt Hennig.
 During the Tiger Mask era, Misawa was forced to inherit the splendid aerial technique established by the first Tiger Mask (Satoru Sayama).  This meant that Misawa couldn't bring out the professional wrestling that he originally aimed for, and Misawa suffered from that.  His heavy use of aerial techniques put a strain on Misawa's knee, causing a rupture of the anterior cruciate ligament of the left knee, and he was forced to absent for a long time from March 1989 to January 1990 to undergo surgery on the injured area. ..  On February 10, 1990, he participated in the New Japan Pro-Wrestling Tokyo Dome Tournament, teamed up with Genichiro Tenryu, and played against Riki Choshu and George Takano.  On April 13th of the same year, he participated in the Japan-US Wrestling Summit and played a single match against Bret Hart.
 Takao Kuramochi, who was a live announcer of the all-Japan professional wrestling broadcast, is aware that Misawa has a low position as a loser in the American professional wrestling world, so when interviewing, he must call with his real name to get a decent answer. I recall that it wasn't there.  Kuramochi described Misawa in the Tiger Mask era as "Because I became a hero of graphic novels, I should talk more like the world of graphic novels, making strange, free-spirited remarks and wrapping the media in smoke. However, Misawa, who has a serious root, could not become a maskman wrestler until the end. "Misawa, who became a Tiger Mask, was called a "heavy-mouthed tiger warrior" because he did not assert himself strongly.
 In addition, since all Japan advertised that "Tiger Mask develops a new technique once a year", the name of the technique that Misawa developed during the Tiger Mask era was "Tiger Suplex '84". It's getting older.  By the way, Misawa got married in May 1988 while he was working as the second generation Tiger Mask, but at that time he revealed his identity at a press conference and then continued his activities as the second generation Tiger Mask. Unusual behavior as a wrestler

 You are the second generation superstar!  !!  !!  !!  !!  !!  !!  !!
 Then take off your mask and become a true superstar!  !!  !!  !!  !!  !!  !!  !!  !!  !!  !!



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